Concept|Tailwind Aoyama

HIE株式会社|HIE Co., Ltd.
テイルウィンド青山|Tailwind Aoyama


“Shibuya”, yet with relaxing peaceful street.
Distinct exterior with characteristic atmosphere.
Tailwind Aoyama

Tailwind Aoyama Tail Wind, this name was coined with the meaning to go through office life as smooth sailing.

Defined Interior

Defined Interior Glass door in the entrance to welocme you all has a graceful handle.
By taking care of even small detail we have increased a level of special sense.

Metallic interior projecting a view

Metallic interior projecting a view Appearance that gives a vivid impression. Just with one glance, the shiny reflection from sunlight of this wonderfully desgined buidling will remain in your memory.

Spacious room

Spacious Interior Floor-to-ceiling, one side is the window glass. Red line which also makes red mark can be seen as accent from the room.